Monday, November 19, 2007

Inflammation, Calibration, & Diabetes Education

I wish I had taken pictures of the Prudential Center while it was lit up, but it would have probably turned out blurry and small. So here's a nice picture of the Prudential Center here in Boston all nicely lit up [courtesy of ADA]
Prudential Center blue lights

Went to Philadelphia this past weekend and visited the famous Pat's and Geno's for the first time. While I was riding in a cab on the way to the hotel I spotted a building with the ENTIRE side of the building lit up in the shape of a blue ribbon. I'll just assume that it's linked to WDD, but if not, that's still cool. Unfortunately, I did not have my camera out at the time and the image exists only in my imagination memory.

Definitely NOT a figment of my imagination.

Other online buzz about diabetes:

"Inflammation is the key. Their research proves that obesity without inflammation does not result in insulin resistance, much less diabetes."
- David Mendosa

"DexCom™ Receives FDA Approval to Calibrate Its SEVEN™ Continuous Glucose Monitoring System Using Any FDA Cleared Blood Glucose Meter."

"...the field of diabetes education is facing a crisis. There are only about 15,000 CDEs in the U.S., yet nearly 21 million Americans are already affected by diabetes, and the number is growing every day."
- Amy Tenderich

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Kerri. said...

I love Boston, and all associated pictures of said city. I can't wait until my life brings me to the home of the Boston Red Sox.

I'm looking forward to visiting Boston next week for my Joslin appointment! (Did I just say I'm looking forward to an endo appointment? Oh dear.)