Friday, November 2, 2007


That stands for No National Blogging Month For What is Diabetes?

Though NaBloMo looks like fun, I know I'd just be disappointing myself and my (very few) readers. So there's a lot that has happened last month and I haven't really had time to post as often as I'd like. So here's a half-month-long procrastinated quick update of random seemingly unrelated things:

1. The JDRF/TuDiabetes video...
('cause Community is #1)

I can't stress enough how important community is in our lives. We aren't meant to live life alone, nor are we meant to struggle alone. Having a community that understand you best is what helps everyone overcome the hard times, and celebrate the good times. Places like TuDiabetes help people who's lives have been touched by Diabetes to come together.

The DOC's Allison Blass recently wrote an article at The Diabetes Self-Management Blog about how support and education intersect in diabetes blogs.

2. Word In Your Hand
(not quite 2diabetes, but TuDiabetes)

My submission was selected as an honorable mention! If you haven't participated in this project yet, head over to TuDiabetes and add your own photo of what Diabetes means to you.

Word in Your HandWhat is Diabetes?
It's knowledge that I'm missing,
a void that needs to be filled.
Yet, it something within my grasp.

3. ADA Walk
(which happened a whole 3 weeks ago)

Ok, so this was quite a while ago, but I just wanted to post up pictures before It gets lost into the ether. There was a TON of people who showed up, and we pretty much stormed the Boston Commons and Charles River. I hope everyone had as much fun as I did walking for a great cause!
The Boston Hatch Shell!

The balloon finish line!

These guys had the crowd going wild! How? they were giving out iPods as prizes!

4. The Boston Red Sox win the World Series!!!!!!!!
(4-0 Victory baby)

The Sox take the title over the Colorado Rockies. I gotta admit that I'm now sucked into the Red Sox Nation ever since news of Daisuke starting appearing. What a year to start liking the Red Sox huh? Too bad I wasn't IN Boston itself, but I could hear the helicopters flyin around from a safe distance in my Cambridge apartment.

Now to enjoy the upcoming Pats vs Colts game!!!

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Shannon said...


I didn't catch on that the word in the hand photo was yours. As a former graphic designer, I can appreciate the hole in your hand. Very cool :)

Congrats on a successful walk. Can't wait to see pictures!