Thursday, October 11, 2007

6 Awesome Online Diabetes Resources

When I started this journey a few months ago, I literally had no knowledge of what diabetes was and what it meant to people who live with it. So after countless hours of searching, reading, and more searching, I've come to familiarize myself with the online diabetes community.

To my delight, I have come across a ton of online resources. However, it's really hard to focus with the overload of diabetes information and many voices to be heard. Some of you may have noticed that I've already posted links to them (along with my custom made buttons) on the right side of my blog.

To encourage my readers to actually visit these links, I've selected the best 6 online diabetes resources and wrote a short blurb on each of them.

Hope these help anyone who's seeking to find out more about diabetes:

One of the most comprehensive websites I've found on living with diabetes. dLife has a ton of articles and content created by some of the best diabetes writers on the web. They also created and host dLifeTV, a weekly program dedicated to diabetes that gets national airtime. But honestly, I think the best move by dLife thus far was the creation of one of the best diabetes blogs...

2. Blogabetes
Lively and frequently updated, dLife's Blogabetes is host to some of the best and opinionated bloggers in the diabetes community. With 12 writers all with different experiences living with diabetes, Blogabetes is a one-stop shop for the diabetes blog enthusiast.

Tu Diabetes was started by Manny Hernandez and now has 1083 members and counting! This has pretty much been the resident social network for anyone who lives with or has been affected by diabetes. With an active community and forum, TuDiabetes has become one of the best places to find community among others living with diabetes.

4. Diabetes Daily
You've probably already seen their 'diabetes headlines scanner' displayed on the side of my blog or many other blogs through the online diabetes community. Diabetes Daily provides bloggers a place to share their stories as well as be discovered by other bloggers and readers. Their website features a forum and an active chatroom that is filled with people always willing to talk about anything diabetes.

5. Children With Diabetes
The mecca of online resources for parents of children with diabetes. They host a few events each year throughout the U.S. Their online forum is also one of the best places for parents to share stories, support each other, and find out about new diabetes issues.

6. American Diabetes Association
"The American Diabetes Association is the nation's leading 501(C)3 nonprofit health organization providing diabetes research, information and advocacy." OK, I stole that from their about section... but it seriously is one awesome organization. Aside from having their own comprehensive resource of diabetes information, the ADA website has a section that posts up the latest diabetes news. With a section for everyone, the ADA is definitely worthy of this list.

Well I hope all of you have found this list to be somewhat helpful. I think I'll put together a list of some of my favorite blogs and why I think they are awesome. Let me know if there are other awesome online diabetes resources if you find them.


manny hernandez said...

I am flattered that you included TuDiabetes alongside all those other great resources!

Thanks a TON!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Albert

I'm an employee of dLife - I noticed that we are referenced on your site. Thanks for the support! If you are interested in learning more about what dLife has to offer and receiving the html codes for video clips to post on your blog - email


Johnboy said...

Hey Albert,
Thanks for your inspiring comment on my blog.


RichW said...

Albert, that you for your comment on my blog site and your post about the diabetes resources. A few I knew about but not the others. I enjoy reading what others are experiencing. How did you become interested in this fun subject?

I responded to your comment at my site.

RichW said...

Albert, too bad the spell checker doesn't have any intelligence. It might have caught the error. Anyhow, thank you...not that you…

Kerri. said...

Hey Albert - Thanks for linking out to dLife and Blogabetes! I'm an editor at dLife and I'm always proud to see dLife recognized as the terrific resource it is. :)

John said...

This is great. You really did a good job thanks.

..M.. said...

Albert - great list of resources there :) I would add to that list, I think it's the largest forum dedicated to diabetes and has people from all over the world.

You may only have wanted stuff that has articles etc, but in my opinion people with diabetes are the best resources for knowledge and experience... thus in my eyes, all the forums - including DF, DD and TuD - are THE places to go for all diabetics.