Thursday, November 29, 2007

If Only I Had Better Meme-ories

Well since Chris tagged me about 2 week ago and just about everyone else in the DOC has participated, I've definitely been putting this off too long!

Here's my 7 random facts:

1. When I was on the wrestling team, I always weighed in around 115 lbs. Since we had more than enough wrestlers that were under 112, my coach would let me weigh in at the 119 lb. weight class, and allowed me to compete against 125 lb weight class. Which was awesome since I would be the only one pigging out the day before a tournament. I figured I had enough wrestling practice to satisfy a lifetime, so it ended after 1 season.... #1

2. When I lived in Los Angeles, I wore glasses. The week I moved to Boston, I switched to Contacts. So everyone in L.A. always knew me with glasses. Everyone in Boston had no idea. What does glasses have to do with all this? I have 2 eyes... #2

3. I took Japanese in High school, and I don't remember any of it except: "Watashi no namae wa Albert des." which means "My names is Albert." yeah... 3 years down the drain... #3

4. I was a very poor student... like completely apathetic about homework... yet somehow I pulled off 4 years of perfect attendance. Go Figure... #4

5. I was the Drumline Section Leader in my high school marching band. I was given the opportunity to write several cadences and arrangements for the drumline during those years. Though most people associate the drumline leader on the Snare Drum, my passion was in the Tenor Drums. yeah, baby... 5 drum goodness for #5

Now you guys might understand why I'm excited about the game Rock Band.

6. When I first started to learn how to ride a bike, I crashed onto the asphalt parking lot in front of Sears one day, halting my desire to ever learn how to ride the bike. Last summer, my friends came to visit me in Boston and we went biking around Boston. I was utterly terrified because I never learned how to ride in the first place... since I was 6 yrs old... #6

7. In California, I told myself that when I had the money, I would change my license plate to "SOLOBAN". Which is my music artist name. Now I'm in Massachusetts and it wouldn't quite fit as perfectly as on California's 7-character license plates... #7

Alternate #7:
My Grandpa has been insulin-dependant for the past 7 years. Sadly, it meant nothing to me until about the time I started this blog.

Well there you go! You probably know way more about me than you would have ever cared to know. But I figure if I'm going to be a part of this community, I need to start putting myself out there!

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