Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Is Prayer Reckless Homicide?

WESTON, Wis. (AP) — Two parents who prayed as their 11-year-old daughter died of untreated diabetes were charged Monday with second-degree reckless homicide.
In this case... it certainly is. Sure these may just be my simple opinions... but inaction is just as bad as doing the wrong action. There was a bit of both here.

As a part of the general non-diabetic public... this makes me sick.

As a part of the online diabetes community... this makes me sick.

Even as a follower of Christ... this makes me sick.

It's one thing to simply have faith, but I also believe God gives us very practical means as an answer to our prayers... insulin.

There is no cure for diabetes yet...

One day there may be....

But until then... Parents please use the medical resources you have access to TODAY.