Friday, September 28, 2007

Something Fishy About Type 1 Diabetes Prevention

Omega 3 fatty acid reduces type 1 diabetes
"...higher consumption of omega-3 fatty acids -- found in fish -- by children at risk for type 1 diabetes decreased by 55 percent the risk of pancreatic islet autoimmunity, which is linked to development of diabetes."

Alzheimer's Disease Could Be A Third Form Of Diabetes
"With proper research and development the drug arsenal for type 2 diabetes, in which individuals become insulin resistant, may be translated to Alzheimer's treatment..."
So I realize I'm pretty decent at digging up random news and posts on diabetes. I might not be the most insightful and authoritative to speak on these issues. But that does not mean I can't be fascinated by them. So I'll just be sharing them with all of you for the time being.

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