Friday, September 14, 2007

Break the Silence

So as I was reading through Dae's Blog, I came across this short film she had posted that featured the perspectives of the 25 IDF Youth Ambassadors. This clip is really helping view diabetes from a global standpoint.

Some of the lines that struck me the most were:
"Every 10 seconds someone dies of diabetes...
                    within the same 10 seconds two people develop diabetes"

"There is no money to afford insulin,
             why do I care if I have diabetes?
I don't care 'cause there is no way
               I can buy the vial of insulin every month."
- Jessica, Ghana

"246 million people are living with diabetes"

"Diabetes is a silent killer...
                                We need to make diabetes a priority."
We live in a society that is constantly bombarding us with messages and advertisements at every opportunity, making it hard for us to focus and recognize things that are actually urgent. I consider myself blessed to be aware of the effects and risks surrounding diabetes without actually having it myself.

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