Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Tubeless Pump, New iPhone App!

Not to steal Amy's thunder or anything... but there are some pretty cool new things coming out this AADE:

The Solo™ MicroPump Insulin Delivery System is a new tubeless insulin dispensing patch. There were 2 new features that I thought were particularly notable. One is the ability to disconnect any time. So no more wasted patches and insulin. The other is the ability to bolus with patch buttons. So you don't end into a medical emergency every time your remote is not handy. I know that this is one of the reasons why some people turned down the original OmniPod, so maybe Solo might have a better shot!

The WaveSense Diabetes Manager™ iPhone/iPod Touch app is a digital logbook that makes full use of the apple interface. From what I've heard about it, a ton of the development was focused around user experience. Currently, numbers have to be entered manually, but automatic data transfer is on its way. You can go to and sign up to be one first to test it and help shape its development!

Well... it's almost time to start packing for AADE! Who's going this year?

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