Friday, July 10, 2009

14K Tests at the Same Moment!

The fine folks at have organized a day for everyone to test at the same time!

Around July 14, we will be very close (or past) our 10K members milestone. By now, EsTuDiabetes, our sister community in Spanish, has passed 4,000 members. 10,000+4,000 makes a whopping 14,000 people.... 14,000 people that can all test their blood sugar at the same time and post it here.

We hope to see most readings posted at 4 pm ET on July 14. If you are a few minutes late, however, or are able to post your blood sugar reading earlier or later that day, it’s OK. The whole point is raising awareness about testing your blood sugars regularly.

If YOU don’t have diabetes, just tell someone who does to test and share on July 14.

Find it here.

I'm sure this will help raise awareness of the prevalence of diabetes!

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