Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Chuck Norris Diabetes Rumble, LifeScan PR Stumble

Kerri at Six Until Me posted this a few days ago, but anyone who lives with or is affected by diabetes MUST read these 10 Things You Should Know About Chuck Norris... And Diabetes. First, I ALOLed when I read them. Then, I printed it out and stapled it outside my cubicle for all to see.

Amy at Diabetes Mine sent a haunting message to the corporate world with her response to J&J LifeScan's "so-called 'Public Service Announcement' (PSA) pitch to bloggers about its OneTouch UltraMini "Splash of Color" campaign." The community response is overwhelming and actually warranted a response from a LifeScan Rep. This totally reminds me of the "overt or disguised advertising" that Chrissie addressed in her blog.

Last Thursday, the American Diabetes Association urges congress to pass the ADA Restoration Act.
"Since the original legislation was enacted, a series of Supreme Court rulings have limited the criteria for who is covered by the law, resulting in many individuals with chronic diseases - including diabetes - no longer protected because they don't meet the stringent definition of disability. Their cases are dismissed by courts that never reach the issue of whether they were treated unfairly."

The ADA is also having their Step Out to Fight Diabetes walk in Boston this Saturday! Maybe I'll see some of you guys out there! And I might just post some pictures if I remember to take any! This will be my first diabetes event so I look forward to joining everyone.

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