Thursday, January 10, 2008

Diabetes Mine and Six Until Me for Medical Blog Awards

Hey everyone! It's a new year and things have been super busy since. I know, I know, the lack of updates are inexcusable... but I'm trying to work on that. I'm still amazing at how some people manage to post almost everyday! Especially when they have a busy profession topped with something called diabetes management.

Well I'm here to share with my readers that 2 of my good friends and favorite bloggers, Amy Tenderich and Kerri Morrone, are now finalists in the Medgadget Medical Blog Awards! If you haven't seen them already, both of them are directly linked to on my "Blogs" section on the right side of this blog.

Diabetes Mine

Since I nominated her, I'll just post up what I wrote for the nomination:

"Amy Tenderich's Diabetes Mine continues to be a vital resource for anyone who is affected by diabetes. Regularly updated with content, Diabetes Mine is the hub and destination for diabetes news and discussions over controversial matters; all while remaining a down-to-earth blog about daily living with diabetes.

I believe that the online diabetes community would agree with me that Diabetes Mine should rightfully be nominated for the Best Medical Weblog and Best Patient's Blog categories."

Well there you go people... now go vote for Diabetes Mine for the Best Medical Weblog!

Six Until Me

I have also always been a fan of Kerri's blog since I started reading diabetes blogs. Her natural way of sharing her daily experiences have helped me see some of the reality of diabetes. The only way to understand Kerri's blog is to actually go and visit Six Until Me. So check it out on your way to voting for Six Until Me as the Best Patient Weblog!

Until Next Time.... stay safe!


AmyT said...

Hey Albert,

Wow, I'm blushing! Thank you kindly.

George said...

that is Hecka Awesome!

My kids comment on how "hecka" is used a grip of times by their cousins in Castro Valley.

Your comment cracked me up as usual.

k2 said...

Just wanted to say that I really like your blog and will continue to read it!
Kelly Kunik