Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Stay Warm, Stay Happy

Smile, Space Heater, SmileWell, we've had a few snowstorms in the past week and Boston is freezing cold. As tempting as it is for a Southern Californian like me to naturally run out into the snow and make snow angels wearing nothing but a t-shirt and shorts, I've come to learn of the pain that the cold and wet brings afterwards.

So here's a few random articles and posts I found about staying warm and staying happy for someone living with diabetes in a cold environment.

Andy Bell from dLife's Blogabetes talks about how Exercising in Your PJs can help you stay warm and active during the days nobody ever leaves the house.

A link from My Fall From Grace's Denise talks about how bundling up in the cold actually makes a difference because "Chilling the feet lowers the immune system"!

...and I know all of you are wondering: the happy space heater above was found on Faces in Places.

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